Letter to LeSEA Board 

Andrew John Sumrall      

61300 Ironwood Road

South Bend, IN 46614

Dear Andrew,
                  The purpose of this letter is to follow up with you regarding your phone call to me last Monday, February 29th, 2016.
                 You were concerned that I may have shown a “client” of LeSEA Broadcasting a letter that Dr. Sumrall wrote shortly prior to his passing. The letter you referenced is a signed and notarized document regarding his directive to appoint me to the Presidency of all three LeSEA Ministries.

                You expressed further distress that this letter could be problematic or in some way hinder the business of LeSEA Broadcasting and its relationship to its clientele.

                You felt so strongly about this letter that you indicated your willingness to file legal action against me. This is the same threat you have made in times past, but most recently on December 18th, after I expressed support for the ministry at our meeting with board members Keith Passon and Angela Grabowski.

                I believe your personal philosophies expressed publicly on TV, on your recently deleted blog, on various websites and in your book, “An Essay Toward Universal Revolution”, are a perversion of Scripture that is diametrically opposed to the spiritual foundation and mission of all LeSEA Ministries. Your public expression of these unbiblical philosophies gave cause for your own father to ban you from The Harvest Show and ultimately to terminate your employment at LeSEA Broadcasting in recent times.

                 During our conversation, I mentioned the differences in our worldviews and I challenged you on your published statements regarding: Communism, Atheism, Egalitarianism, but specifically:

            1. The deity of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Atonement

            2. The sanctity of the Church (Christ’s Body on Earth)

            3. And the very existence of the Almighty God. (The Trinity)


         You refused to talk about those issues, but wanted instead to discuss what you considered my meddling in the "business" of LeSEA Broadcasting.

              We differ on all the issues I raised and many others. As a believer who respects the authority of Scripture, our views are 180 degrees apart. I want to reiterate my complete opposition to your stance on these issues. The friends, donors and clients of LeSEA Ministries deserve to know the truth of what you really believe. And your own published words are there for all to see, despite your futile attempts to conceal them.

              I believe that someone must take a stand. Therefore, I am asking you to remove yourself and resign from all LeSEA Ministries boards. If you are unwilling to do this honorable thing, I call upon all the members of the board(s) to immediately remove you from being President of LeSEA Broadcasting and all board positions. The board(s) failure to act could be construed as negligence and possibly subject the board to liability.

               The legacy of faith that Dr. Lester Sumrall left behind is not a “company” but a family ministry with a spiritual mission. To divert from God’s original vision and the founding principles of this ministry would prove catastrophic.




Lester Sumrall


cc: Attorney Gary Richardson, Angela Grabowski, Mark Lantz, Stefan Radelich, Raymond K. Passon, Antonio Agostino, Todd Coontz, Rodrigo Rodriguez,






Excerpts from , “An Essay Toward Universal Revolution”

By Drew Sumrall


…God is dead. And if God is dead, then the Christian Religion is as well. ( Page 73 )


faith says that Christ was God, not because he was a god, but precisely the opposite: because there was absolutely nothing ‘divine’ about him at all. (Page 116 )


The Church’s great transgression is its very forming.  (Page 13 )


we know that the fundamentalism  of the Christian religion is, at it’s very core without truth. ( Page 40 )


One can only live as a true follower of Christ if one lives as though God does not exist. (Page 58)


Followers of Christ are therefore not “ God’s chosen “ but rather those who have been forsaken by God in their moment of need, in their moment of desperation, in their moment of crisis. ( Page 121 )


 A sinner who thinks himself a Christian is no more mad than a Christian who thinks himself a Christian. My fellow Christians, there are no Christians…  (Page 133)


Critical Theory tells us that every last intervention to solve a problem inevitably creates a new one (how else might we explain the death of God in Christ resulting in Crusades and The 700 Club?) (Page 11)